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Emmanuelle Chriqui was born on December 10, 1977 in Montreal, Quebec, CA.Chriqui (pronounced "Shreeky") moved with her family from Montreal to Toronto at an early age, spending her childhood in the suburb of Unionville. The acting bug bit after she was cast in a local theater production at age seven, and by 10, she logged her first job in a Canadian commercial for McDonald's.

Her first major Hollywood film role came in 1999 with a supporting turn in the goofball comedy "Detroit Rock City," which was quickly followed by the popular Nickelodeon big-screen kids' flick "Snow Day" (2000). Chriqui next shot scenes for three major film and television productions - Steven Spielberg's "A.I." (2001), Todd Solondz's "Storytelling" (2001), and the series "Manchester Prep" (1999).

Chriqui soldiered on and began paying her dues in a string of largely forgettable theatrical releases, including the grim "On the Line" (2001), starring 'N SYNC's Lance Bass and J y Fatone, as well as the wretched horror flick "Wrong Turn" (2003). In 2005, she witnessed a turn in fortune in regard to the quality of her projects - an appearance as herself on HBO's short-lived improvisational series "Unscripted" (2005) was followed by a two-episode turn on "The O.C.

It was for a much more auspicious occasion - to join Mark Wahlberg's Hollywood series "Entourage" in a recurring role as Sloan Mackewich, daughter to Malcolm McDowell's Terence Mackewich, nemesis of agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven). Initially targeted by lothario lead Vince (Adrian Grenier), Sloan took a shine to his friend and manager Eric (Kevin Connolly) and introduced a little happiness into his high-pressure life.