Jaycee Dugard latest photo gallery

Jaycee Dugard was born May 3rd, 1980. She was abducted June 10th, 1991 at the age of 11 years old from a bus stop in the sleepy town of South Lake Tahoe near Nevada. At the time she was only 4′6″ tall and weighted 80 pounds.

Jaycee spent the next 18 years living in a sound proof shack in the backyard of her abductors, reportedly at Phillip Garrido’s address: 1550 Walnut Avenue, Antioch California, where he lists “Gods Desire” as a church there that he owns.

An alert police officer in Berkeley California finally busted this case in conjunction with a parole officer. The daughters were in the backseat of his car during a routine traffic stop. He got suspicious when he ran a background check and discovered that Phillip Craig Garrido was a registered sex offender.

An uncle gave chase on a bicycle by the car sped away. Police were unsure of that story until now, and the uncle remained under a cloud of unfair suspicion. In addition to the good news that is Jaycee Lee Dugard found alive, a rejoicing piece of news for the family is that his name is finally cleared.