Kim Kardashian and the latest Celebrities With Psoriasis

Kim Kardashian has become the latest celebrity to be diagnosed with psoriasis, a skin condition that can cause red or pink splotches of skin to form on the body.A few days ago the reality show star was photographed with some strange red marks on her legs, making some bloggers wonder what the bug bite-like blotches could be.

LeAnn Rimes has talked at length about her battle with the skin condition. Unlike Kim, she's had years to learn to cope with her psoriasis, having had the disease since she was two.Once she finally got it under control by finding the right dermatologist and a treatment that works for her, she quit hiding and decided to speak out about the embarrassing skin condition, becoming involved in the "Stop Hiding and Start Living" campaign for the National Psoriasis Foundation.

She might also worry about covering up her flare-ups with the right clothes, but she's not alone when it comes to battling the skin condition while trying to look fashionable -- "What Not to Wear" host Stacy London also has admitted to suffering from psoriasis. Stacy was diagnosed at age 4, but she says that used humor to help her cope with the disease -- as well as being critical. Stacy stated of its effect on her personality, "I really tried to be funny. I think that's what made me constructively critical of other people. I know what's cruel and what isn't, and I am very, very clear about that line. And there were people who could laugh with me and make fun of having a disorder with me, that I loved because I got it.

The savvy stylist is now involved with the National Psoriasis Foundation's Psoriatic Arthritis Total approach to Health (PATH) program, which offers support to those suffering from psoriasis. "America's Next Top Model" contestant CariDee English also suffered from the skin condition, but went on to win the competition in 2006. She was diagnosed with the psoriasis at age 5, and says her mother knew right away what the red spots on her skin meant after they first popped up because she had also suffered from the disease.