Maria Shriver biography and latest photo gallery

Maria Shriver was born on November 6, 1955, in Chicago, Illinois. Shriver is the daughter of prominent politican and diplomat Sargent Shriver and Eunice Kennedy Shriver, sister of John F. and Robert Kennedy. She graduated from Georgetown University in June 1977 with a B.A. in American studies.

She was a reporter for NBC's Dateline NBC from 1989 until August of 2003, when she took a leave of absence when her husband, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, became a candidate in the California recall election. Upon his inauguration as the 38th Governor of California on November 17, 2003, Shriver became the First Lady of California.

She helped develop and launch a special website to match volunteers with organizations needing assistance. Shriver supported the construction of playgrounds and community gardens in lower income areas.Serving as executive producer, Shriver helped bring the documentary The Alzheimer's Project to television in May 2009.

Advancing understanding of the disease and supporting medical research is a personal mission for Shriver. Her father had Alzheimer's disease.Later that year, Shriver experienced two great personal losses. Her mother died on August 11th at Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis, Massachusetts