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Mila Kunis was born on 14th August 1983 in Kiev, Ukraine, Kunis was raised by her father, Mark, a cab company executive and former mechanical engineer, and her mother, Elvira, a drug store manager and former physics teacher.

When she was seven years old, her family moved from the collapsed Soviet Union to the United States, settling in Los Angeles, where she had an initially rough transition not knowing or understanding the language and the culture.

Continuing to branch out into other avenues, Kunis starred in the horror sequel "American Psycho II: All American Girl" (2002), playing the sole survivor of the first film's killer, Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale), who develops an unhealthy obsession with the serial killer mind and eventually becomes one herself.

While the lion's share of praise fell on Portman for her role as the more innocent ballerina, Kunis earned her share of accolades for her darker turn, as well as Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations for Best Supporting Actress.