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Susan Sarandon was born 4th October 1946 in Jackson Heights, NY, Sarandon was raised the oldest of 10 siblings by Phillip, a nightclub singer during the big band era who later became an advertising executive, and Lenora, a homemaker.

She lacked direction or purpose, but did take acting classes, though without the intention of pursuing it as a career. In 1967, she married her first husband, Chris Sarandon, whom she had met at Catholic University. Shortly after getting married, Sarandon followed her husband to New York City, where he auditioned for an agent.

All throughout the 1980s, Sarandon - who had always been politically active - increased her public advocacy of progressive ideals, including traveling as part of a delegation to Nicaragua in 1983 to promote social and economic justice, and making contributions to EMILY's List, a political action committee dedicated to electing pro-choice Democrats.

With unbridled determination, the two parents refuse to accept a death sentence for their son; instead researching on their own a cure to the disease using rapeseed oil. For her moving portrayal, Sarandon earned her third Academy Award nomination for Best Leading Actress.